T.T.&E. Traffic Transportation & Environment Consultants SA

Company description

TT&E S is a SME consultancy company in Greece with an outstanding reputation in noise studies specializing mainly in the fields of noise and vibration measurement technology. TT&E was established in 1998 by Prof. Konstantinos VOGIATZIS. They have been involved with various noise and vibration studies for Attiko Metro (lines 2 and 3), Tram of Athens, Greek Railways, Athens International Airport Aircraft noise, Attiki Odos (Athens Ring Road) as well as for the extensions of these lines. They are involved in the noise mitigation study for the Athens Tram. They have made extensive traffic noise maps of the city of Athens including very detailed local maps. They have worked out the noise mitigation measures along the new highways in and around Athens. They are working on noise mapping around airports.

Role within the consortium

TTE will develop an effective combination of existing noise mitigating solutions to reduce the noise emission of world widely used concrete slab track system very significantly (WP4). This includes installation and validation of the developed solution.

Past experience relevant to tasks allocated in the project

TTE has great capabilities in environmental acoustic metrology with emphasis on noise assessment and modelling related design services. TTE has a three-dimensional computerized noise model (DTM) containing all relevant noise sources, as well as the sensitive receptor locations. Relevant experience relates to:

  • Metro, Tram, Railways, LRT network system: Environmental noise  & vibration measurements  & assessment;
  • Strategic Noise Mapping, Noise Action plans & Environmental Noise monitoring programs;
  • Noise barrier designs;
  • Environmental Monitoring Programs.

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