Tunnelbanan Teknik Stockholm AB

Company description

TBT, Tunnelbanan Teknik Stockholm AB, is a service, which is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Stockholm subway carriages on behalf of MTR Stockholm. TBT operations run around the clock, every day, all year round for every day to deliver the number of trains needed to keep the Stockholm traffic moving and to travellers to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Along with MTR Stockholm, TBT has an eight-year contract with SLL delivering safe and well-maintained subway cars. For missions outside that contract, TBT have the opportunity to carry out missions on order.

TBT handle all maintenance on underground carriages. MTR Stockholm manages traffic, ticketing, information and cleaning stations. SLL owns the infrastructure, such as rail, tunnels, track fields, cables, buildings and cars

Role within the consortium

TBT are involved when preparing vehicles for measurements in the project (installation of on-board equipment).

Reason for participation in the project

As part of the global organisation running the Stockholm Metro, Strukton Rail wants to facilitate the developments (WP1 & 3).

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