Main Deliverables

Monitoring systems: validated on-board monitoring systems for determining the rail roughness and track decay rates (as input to the noise models and as track quality measurement device) mounted on measurement vehicles in the Stockholm network, easily installable on other vehicles in other networks.

Noise simulation software

Enhanced rolling noise modelling software will be delivered which includes the low frequency noise emission and which includes the actual wheel rail contact conditions for more accurate predictions of the noise emitted by the track, for use in noise mapping according to the END and for use in action planning.  Existing knowledge (WR Noise program) will be used and enhancements will be added to the existing software tool. The input data for this software tool will be drastically enhanced by providing exact and network wide rail roughness and TDR from the on-board monitoring systems, by providing a procedure for determining the average wheel roughness and by providing a procedure for determining the model input parameters (TDR, receptances) for embedded rail systems (where applicable).

Innovative and effective solutions

  • solutions for track noise mitigation by effective combination of existing solutions for specific cases where e.g. completely new track systems cannot be considered.
  • innovative new track solutions for track noise mitigation by reduction of the rail roughness growth rate (very resilient rail fixation systems and track systems which ensure  a very stable track geometry.
  • innovative new track solution by optimisation of the embedded track system characteristics for combined noise and vibration mitigation.
  • a procedure for selecting optimal rail types and hardness with aim of optimally reduced noise related wear.

Noise maintenance and management tools

  • a track maintenance tool based on a data base gathered with the on-board monitoring systems, including rail roughness and noise related wear in curves.
  • a noise management tool for track maintenance activities based upon a global cost approach.
  • a noise management tool for the introduction of noise mitigating solutions at the track level based upon a global cost approach.

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