Dissemination Public Deliverables
QT Flyer At M36 – 31/05/2016
QT INTERNOISE 2013 D1.4 – Validation report related to on board track decay monitoring system – TYRENS
QT INTERNOISE 2013 poster D2.1 – Enhanced and validated rolling noise simulation modes including rolling contact conditions – AKRON
QT Newsletter May 2014 D5.2 – Noise Management Tool for track maintenance activities – ACCON
QT VTI Transportforum D5.3 – Noise Management Tool for introduction of track based noise mitigation solutions – ACCON
QT Newsletter May 2015 D6.1 – Recommendations for updating TSI noise based upon the TSI relevant findings of the project – AKRON
QT Newsletter May 2016 D7.2 – Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (M36 version) – ACCON
QT Final Dissemination Conference & Workshop
March 13, 2016 – Aachen
Presentations  At M30 – 30/11/2015
Introduction to the QUIET-TRACK project & expected results D4.3 – Validated design procedures for innovative noise mitigating solutions reducing the rail roughness growth rate – IMOSS
Monitoring System for Noise Related Track Parameters and Severe Wear D4.4 – Design procedures for embedded track system optimised for minimal noise emission – AKRON
Rolling Contact Model Enhancement in the Existing Rolling Noise Models D4.6 – Procedure for selecting optimal rail types and hardness with aim of optimally reduced noise related wear – IMOSS
Noise Related Track Maintenance Tools & Noise Management Tool At M27 – 31/08/2015
Development and Validation of High Performance Solutions for Reduction of Track Related Noise D1.2 – Validation report related to the on board rail roughness monitoring system – TYRENS
 Flyers D3.2 – Concepts for rail profile correction – KTH
Procedure for Average Wheel Roughness Determination D7.2 – Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (M27 version) – ACCON
Rolling Noise Emission Model for Curving Conditions At M25 – 30/06/2015
Low Frequency Rolling Noise Emission Model and Software D3.1 – Concepts for acoustic grinding – IMOSS
7-position Matrix for the Determination of TDR at Embedded Tracks At M18 – 30/11/2014
Noise-related Track Maintenance & Management Tool (NMT) D2.2 – Validated procedure for low frequency noise calculations – AKRON
Reducing the Number of Impact Positions along Track to Determine the TDR Values Maintaining the Stage of Quality D4.1 – Procedure to select the combination of solutions for optimal noise performance – TTE
Rolling Noise Reduction of Metro by Track Based Solutions At M12 – 31/05/2014
Rail Surface Monitoring by Sound Level – QT system D1.5 – Procedure for identifying TDRs of embedded track systems – ACCON
 Posters D1.6 – Procedure for determination of average wheel roughness – AKRON
Our Vision for a Quiet City D5.1 – Procedure for on-site performance measurement of mitigation measures – AKRON
Reducing the Number of Impact Positions along Track to Determine the TDR Values Maintaining the Stage of Quality At M09 – 28/02/2014
D7.1 – Advisory Board – AKRON
D7.2 – Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (M09 version) – ACCON





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