Akron N.V.

Company description

AKRON is a Belgian SME specialising in noise and vibration, strain and stress measurement equipment, software development and signal analysis. Besides selling equipment and software, AKRON is also a specialist in noise mapping and action planning for traffic. AKRON participated in many European, national and regional research and development projects.  The company has customers from the aerospace, rail, maritime, petrochemical and oil and gas industry. AKRON’s commercial activities have an international dimension with the bulk of its turnover being generated in Europe.

Role within the consortium

AKRON will be the project coordinator. AKRON will be in charge of the enhancements of the rolling noise models. AKRON will develop solutions (combination of existing solutions and new solutions. AKRON will assist in the other WP’s with noise modelling and noise measurements. AKRON will contribute profoundly in the widespread dissemination and exploitation of the project’s key results and deliverables.

Reason for participation in the project

AKRON is a specialist in noise mapping and action planning for traffic. AKRON participated in European QCITY project where tools were developed for noise mapping and action planning of road and rail transport (according to the END). AKRON further participated in the CITYHUSH project where solutions are developed for very low frequency noise mainly from vehicles in stand-still. QUIET-TRACK is the logical follow-up dealing with modelling and solutions for noise from running vehicles in cities where conventional mitigation solutions are not feasible and not effective and where track based solutions are to be developed.

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