Advisory Board

Input from outside the project will contribute to the project’s success. Therefore, the Advisory Board will express the needs and input from the end-users and industry who are not part of the consortium.

The Advisory Board is composed of directly interested stakeholders. At this stage the participants are:

  • Günter Dinhobl, ÖBB (AT)
  • Valenti Fontsere, COMSA (ES)
  • Karolina Wisniewska, IK (PL)
  • Jan Mys, INFRABEL (BE)
  • Antonella Volta, FNM (IT)

In order to give the consortium the opportunity to cover specific national needs in the RTD, the Advisory Board members were chosen from countries not represented in the consortium.

The Advisory Board will advise on RTD aspects of the project. It will make sure that the project findings are disseminated at least within the organisations of its members and it will comment on the exploitation plan and activities.

Tasks of the Advisory Board members include:

  • Reviewing the progress of the QUIET-TRACK project and provide feedback based on their experience in this field;
  • Checking that the concepts developed in the projects can be implemented in the frame of their own assessment procedures;
  • Commenting the deliverables;
  • Advising on matters and concerns related to the TSI Noise and the END.

The Advisory Board will play a major role not only for RTD related guidance but especially for dissemination. Regular meetings (twice a year at least) will be organised between a limited number of specific members of the Advisory Board, located in a non-participating country, and a representative panel of the TMT. These meetings will preferably take place at the premises of the advisory board member(s). In this way, the exchange of ideas about project related results and developments can be very productive. The specific needs of non-participating countries (e.g. related to the use of specific track systems or rail types or measurement vehicles) can be addressed in this way. It is anticipated that such meetings will take place in Spain (ADIF, Ineco), France (RFF, Colas Rail), Poland (IK, Metro Warsaw) and UK (Tata Steel, Network Rail).

Regular information on the project progress will be circulated, so that even though the Advisory Board members are not part of the consortium, they rely on a very good knowledge of the project’s progress and results for them to allow a wide dissemination within their own organisation. A general assembly advisory board meeting will be organised in Brussels at the end of the project for a final dissemination of the project results to the advisory board member companies.

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