Accon Environmental Consultants

Company description

ACCON GmbH offers its services in the fields of environmental noise, machinery noise, building acoustics, vibration and air pollution control. In addition, it represents the client at hearings, presentations and negotiations. With 25 employees in German offices in Greifenberg, Augsburg, Cologne and Berlin and with associated companies in the UK, Italy, Slovakia and Romania, ACCON services the clients throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and world-wide. Several staff members are officially certified experts and they provide expert support in lawsuits at court and other testimony. As a result of research projects for clients from the public sector, their work has been used for the technical basis of official standards and guidelines. Several staff members of ACCON GmbH lead or co-ordinate national and international standardization projects. This leadership role helps keeping the company at the forefront of the state-of-the-art and supports world-wide standards.

In the joint venture between ACCON GmbH and DataKustik GmbH, ACCON supports the acoustical development of the noise mapping software CadnaA. ACCON clients have the advantage of using our capability and experience in the handling of large-scale noise mapping projects.

Role within the consortium

Development of a High/Medium Speed Roughness Detection System; Development of a Roughness Section Control Management Tool; Large-scale Noise mapping and Noise Score Detection in urban areas; Monetary Evaluation of Optimized Acoustic Grinding (CBA).

ACCON will be dissemination WP leader.

Reason for participation in the project

ACCON is one of the leading companies in the field of noise mapping and monitoring and provides extensive support to agglomerations on Action Planning according to END. ACCON permanently works on new solutions in noise reduction at inner-city railway lines and is able to contribute its special knowledge from actual research studies (QCity, CityHush, STARDAMP) to the project.

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